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Financial Planning is the process of developing and implementing a personal plan designed to solve financial problems and accomplish goals. A financial plan should give you a clear picture, perhaps for the first time, where you stand financially. Financial Planning is like all other phases of life; it involves choices, and sometimes those choices can seem overwhelming. If you know where you stand financially , where you're going, and how you're going to get there, you should feel more confident about your financial situation, about yourself and about your decisions.

I provide the following:

1) Identify your current financial position
2) Identify your investment needs, objectives and risk tolerance
3) Develop an appropriate financial plan
4) Implement financial plan
5) Measure & monitor portfolio
6) Regular client/planner review of performance & goals

Investment Vehicles

Advisory Services -Mutual Funds - Stocks - Bonds - CD's - Treasuries - Annuities - Life Insurance and Long Term Care.

Client Investment Services

  • Wealth Management Retirement Planning - Pre & Post
  • Income Distribution through our Next Phase Retirement Strategy
  • Divorce Planning
  • Short, Medium and Long Term Goals
  • Fee only Services
  • Fee only Asset Management
  • Financial Analysis of Divorce