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Divorce Related Services

Money is often a large issue in most marriages, and becomes even more so during the process of divorce.

Divorce is a cash hungry experience. It can mean a significant financial transition for you, making it a time of uncertainty and unease. Carol Knowlton, Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, offers divorce planning for clients to help them understand the impact of the financial decisions they make during the divorce settlement process.

No matter how commonplace divorce has become, it is an emotionally difficult process for everyone involved. Equitably dividing assets after years of marriage is not a simple task. This is a time where "emotions are running high" and the parties divorcing are focusing on many issues at the time. This is especially so when children are a large part of negotiations (how much time each parent will spend with the child, college costs, medical issues, etc.)

Sometimes financial analysis and the realistic consequences of making a poor decision in regard to money are overlooked. A persons' financial future must be analyzed and addressed before signing on the dotted line.

With the proper information, you can make educated decisions regarding your divorce settlement. Without proper guidance, individuals may hit a negative financial tipping point that will have long lasting repercussions.

I am trained to help with the difficult financial process of divorce.

Although I do not provide legal advice, my expertise can cut the cost of a long court proceeding by paving the way to a fair settlement for each spouse. I can become part of the professional team (attorney, therapists etc.) to financially evaluate different settlement options.

Included in my Divorce Analysis Service

1) Clarifying and organizing organizing assets

2) Analysis of property division

3) Prompt review of various divorce settlement alternatives

4) Budgeting and ongoing monitoring after the divorce

5) Communication with Attorney's