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My Qualifications

Carol Knowlton CDFA® has been a Financial Advisor since 1993

In 1993  I made the bold decision to become a financial advisor.   I was attracted to this profession because I wanted to learn how to take care of myself; how to earn, save and invest my money.    

I quickly learned that this business isn’t just about money, it’s about people, about their hopes, fears and dreams.  It took me a few years to realize that if I wanted to succeed as a financial advisor, I needed to build my practice around people whose hopes, fears and dreams I cared about on a personal level.  I knew I needed to focus my work around women.    

In 1993 I went through a divorce.  I had three children to support and become an extraordinary role model for.  We lived in survival mode for a few years and as a result of this experience I am more motivated to protect all women.

That is why most of my clients are smart, capable women who have gone through a life changing event that has left them feeling financially vulnerable. It could be a divorce, a job loss, the death of a loved one or even retirement.  They know they need to move forward and rebuild their lives, but without understanding their money, their vision of the future is riddled with fear and uncertainty.  They realize it’s time to gain the knowledge to make important financial decisions for their lives